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Susan A Nicholson


Fine Artist


Born in March 1961, in a small mining village in Northumberland, where I still live today, I have loved art and being creative since a very young age. Art, needlework and english being my favourite subjects at school.  In 1978, I studied Business at college and went on in 1979 to run an insurance office for the next 8 years.  I also married my childhood sweetheart in 1979.  I stopped painting for a number of years, not sure why!, then had two wonderful sons, so there was no time for my own indulgences, but life was good.


I started painting again in around 1996, once the boys were of an age that allowed me to do so and that was it...I was hooked once more.  I remember being very young, enjoying a painting by numbers, getting advice from Grandad on using the tip of the paintbrush and not being "heavy handed" as he called it.  A memory I will cherish always.


I am still learning each day, as we all do and when you choose a career that inspires and englulfs you completely, it is the best feeling in the world.  I know I will always paint now, as long as my hands and eyes allow, as creating a joyful vision with atmospere, feeling, enthusiasm and precision, is the most wonderful and enjoyable experience of all.