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This painting was commissioned after the client saw my work at a fair I did in Durham.


The client wanted a painting of her daughters two dogs  for a Christmas present. I had a photo to work from, but swapped the dogs around so they were looking at each other, rather than away from each other.


It is a pastel painting as I find you can get the softness of the coat plus all the detail with pastels.


They are a very versatile medium for many subjects.

I painted this subect in oils, mainly because of the sheer size of the artwork, being over 40" in height and because of the vibrant colours in the painting.


The client took this photo whilst on holiday with her husband in Hawaii. They both loved it so much that they requested that I paint it for them for their home.


It took a lot of hours to complete the art, but all the work was worth it in the end.


It was framed in an oak frame to match their room and they were more than pleased with the finished painting that they have requested another two paintings for their home.


This is a personal favourite of mine, as I just love the colours and subject.


Commisioned Paintings

This is the second commissioned painting completed for this client.


Again taken from one of their holiday pictures, I painted this in oils and they were more than happy with the end result, having it framed in the same frame the first one so it matches the room perfecftly.,



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