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 What is your most important tool?

  Unusually, I will not say a particular brush or easle, but my vision and patience are the most important things to me when painting.


Where do you work from?

  I work mainly from home as I am not a quick artist and I like to take my time and get every detail, just so!


How do you know when your art is finished?

  That's a good one.  You just know.  I usually leave it in view for a few days, and if I am happy with what i see, then it's done, if not, I will "tweek it" until I am satisfied.


 How long does it take?

  It is impossible to put a time scale on creativity.  It is simply done when it's done.  Some take a day, others, 6 months or more.


Why do you detail?  

  I believe that if you choose a tree to paint, for example, it should look like that tree and not just a smudge of brown and green that "represents" a tree.  To capture the essence of a chosen subject, each beautiful feature and detail of it, must be captured in your art.


What or who, inspires you?

  I have to admit that the "Old Masters" such as Turner, Constable and Monet are my true inspiration.  They painted life as it was and it looked so real and honest.  I do not like or understand the impressionist artist.  I just don't get it!


How do you paint your artworks?  

  I use mainly acrylic, oil or pastels and always use the high quality, professional materials.  I like Windsor and Newton most of all because you can rely on their quality and consistency.  I use highquality canvass or canvass  board, and occassionaly, artist paper.  I have a Loxley easle which is fabulous for stability and flexibility in sizes of canvass it will hold.


Do you offer a framing service?

  I do not offer a framing service, but most of my original art comes with a frame.  The limited edition art prints come with a mount, allowing you to choose your own frame for them.  They are all a standard size, so will  fit any off the shelf frame.  When ordering a commission piece, the choice is yours as to whether you would like it framed or unframed. I will recommend a framer in your area if required.


How much do they cost?

  Each artwork is individually priced depending on size, subject, materials used and time taken to complete.  Also whether it is framed or unframed.  Estimates can be given for commissioned  work on request.


How much is shipping?

  Each item is priced individually, depending on weight, size and destination.


How to pay?

  You can pay via Stripe, Paypal or Visa, Credit Card,