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Examples of previously sold original artwork

Mini Art No. 3 - Newbiggin Couple


This is a Mini Art on a 5.5" x 5.5" Canvas with stand.


Painted in acrylic and varnished for a professional finish, it shows "the couple" as seen on Newbiggin Bay in Northumberland, a popular holiday resort.


The sidees of the canvas have also been painted to match so there is not need to frame.

However, these small canvas art do look excellent when mounted in a wide mount and framed for wall hanging.


It has been signed, and numbered and named on the reverse.

A fun pice of art, small enough to fit it any home, but effective enough to be noticed.

Springtime in Felton


A lovely view of the riverside in Felton in Northumberland.


The trees are full of their new leaves, the sky is blue, the river is still and peaceful and a family of duckling are taken to the water by their mum for a first swim.


Framed in a rustic effect wood frame, varnished, signed by the artist, and has a Certificate of Authentication on the reverse.


This artwork will look wonderful in a new build as well as a older style property. Whether large or small, this will enhance your home in any room you choose.


Size approx 18 x 23".

Mini Art no. 4 - Newbiggin bay poppies


This is a mini art piece, measuring 5 x 7", painted in acrylics and varnished for a professional finish.


It shows Newbiggin Bay in Northumberland, as the poppies bloom on the steps leading to the beach. A beautiful sight.


Painted on a canvass, the edges have also been painted so there is no need to frame, unless of course, you want to.


Because of it's size, it is an ideal peice to fit into any size room, no matter how large or small, but it is still effective enough to be noticed by all.


Ideal for anyone wanting to own an original, signed, piece of art, but at a very affordable price.

Mini Art no. 5 - I'm Going In! 


A mini Art piece measuring 5.5 x 5.5",


Painted on canvas in acrylic and varnished for a professional finish, showing a family of penguins heading for the icy cold waters as the diving penguin bravely shouts.."I'm Going in"


A fun painting that would enhance any room in the house whether large or small, but effective enough to be admired by all.

Bluebell Wood - Mini Art Series No. 9


A lovely addition to my Mini Art Series, showing a beautiful, colourful, bluebell wood, with a winding pathway, weaving through the trees and flowers.


Painted in acrylic it measures 6" x 6" so it is small enough to fit into any size home, whether large or small and effective enough to be noticed by all.


The painting is signed, named on the reverse and varnished for a professional finish.

Longsands, Tynemouth


An original, signed, painting in acrylic of longsands, beach in Tynemouth.

Measurements are 49 x 24cm including an oak frame.


A lovely seaside painting of a local beauty spot in Tynemouth, called Longsands.


A bright, sunny day, there are many people on the beach enjoying the sands, playing at the waters edge and maybe doing a bit of surfing too.


The old church towers above the houses in the distance creating a lovely scene in this beautiful part of the world.